One of the major reasons why people do not lose fat enough is that they are training at a level that is to low in intensity. Walking and jogging are not cardio exercises that burn major calories fast. If you suffer from obesity or have not trained in years then you can do these exercises. On the other hand if you can train at a higher level of intensity then do it, you will reach your fat loss goals much faster.


Compared with running, sprinting has a great great after burn effect. This process is known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consummation). Sprinting is a very intense workout and from such a workout your body needs to recover from it. Therefore the effect on your metabolism after a sprint workout is much greater then a steady state cardio workout.

Cross country skiing

An another cardio exercise you can do to burn major calories fast is cross country skiing. It does not matter if you are doing it indoors or outdoors it will deliver results. Cross country skiing is a cardiovascular exercise that workout both upper and lower body.


Spinning is a very good workout because it combats cardiovascular exercises with strength training. The disadvantage with running is that it does not build muscle mass.

With spinning you do not have that problem. If you lift weights from time to time you maintain a higher metabolism.

Stair climbing

If you are ready for a real challenge and if you want to see fat loss results real fast then is stair climbing definitely for you.

Stair climbing increase your good cholesterol and decrease you bad cholesterol as well. If you do stair climbing on a consistent base you increase your cardiovascular health benefits by 20%. Do this excellent cardio workout for fat loss every day for about ten minutes and you will see and feel some amazing benefits from it.