What determines the effectiveness of your cardiovascular workout?

You see, there are 3 components that take part into your workout! They are frequency, intensity and duration. Along with a healthy diet, these 3 elements will tell whether you're a successful fat burning mean machine or a wreck. Well, okay, let's deal with each of the categories, shall we?

First is frequency, it means how frequently you exercise. Yup, that's right! Ideally, at least 3 days per week you get to work out with your cardiovascular activity. Do not settle with any less session than that, since it will not bring much good for your body! With less exercise than3 days per week, your body will have time to begin to de-train itself.

Do not let it happen!

Second is Intensity, How hard you work out! Spend an hour walking briskly? Stop it! Hear this, by performing interval training routines for 60% less time, will do you better! You want to know why? Cause, the interval sprints rev up your metabolism.

Check your heart rate while exercising. Yup, you got to be sure that you stay within your target heart range.

The third and last is Duration, it's a length of time that you spend working out. You should be training for 30 – 60 minutes per session. Yeah, that is the best and optimal time for burning your fat into ashes! Do not go too low or too too!

You see, the first 25 minutes or so are when the body burns your glycogen stores for energy. The process of fat burning will kick in, once that procedure has finished.
File these tips in your mind, do not forget to warm up and cool down! Yeah, do it before and after every session.

Hey, wait! You know how to check your heart rate?

Simple, by using a heart rate monitor! Yeah, it's easy way to make sure that your heart rate within your target. Or you can do the talk test. Breathing hard but you can still normally talk; you're working in the low range of the spectrum. But if you are unable to talk, you're working way over your target rate!