Many people try every tactic they might think of to get out of a walking program to lose weight and improve their overall health. They try dieting and get on the up and down routine, lose a pound here and gain a pound there. They join a gym but after a few days they get bored, miss a day once in awhile and ever drop out. A couple we know paid over $ 5,000. For a weight loss program complete with weekly doses of some kind of pills. They lost a few pounds and then owed out only to regain the weight again and brave up.

Whatever it is there is something that some people are afraid of when you explain the benefits of walking for the good of their general health.

  • Sleep better. Everyone needs eight hours of sleep each night. If you walk for forty five minutes before you go to bed you will sleep like a baby. Try it.
  • Bodily functions. As soon as you begin your walking program everything works. Your internal organs will be jiggled around as you walk and every little thing in your body will begin to loosen up and work better. Regularity will take over and you will gain a good feeling all over.
  • Look better. Once you start a regular daily walking routine, in no time at all you will begin to look better. You will stand up straighter, walk quicker, feel better, eat better, think better and sleep better. Now that everything begins to feel better it will cause you to look better over all.
  • Healthy skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It reflects your health either good or bad. Usually it will turn pale if you are feeling sick, yellow when you contract jaundice, redden when you blush. Once you begin a good walking program and everything begins to work better internationally, your skin will take on that glow that spells good health. Small blemishes will clear up and everyone will comment on your new look.

Yes, there is nothing better for you than a good one hour walk every day. Give it a try.