Cardiovascular exercises can often times be among the best ones for the human body. They include many different types of exercises, ranging from beginner to advanced, to the possible impossible. I'll take a look at the most commonly used types of cardio exercises and delve into how they can help you transform your body, one day at a time.

1. Walking. Perhaps the most easy and well-known cardio exercise. Walking can be done by most people of all ages and is a common trait among Senior citizens. While this may sound like an elementary exercise, it's effects are long lasting and when done properly (for 45 minutes or greater) walking can be a great way to lose weight by burning calories. An hour walk can burn 200+ calories and be a great start to the day.

2. Jogging. Very simple, jogging is the next step up from walking. Again, it can be done by most people and will burn more calories than walking, but will also have more wear and tear on the body.

3. The last “simple” cardio exercise would be a mix of walking and jogging, while adding some full wind sprints. This would be called by most people as “interval training,” and this is a good mix of sprinting, jogging, and walking. This is a great way to burn calories and lose weight, as intervals push the body for a few seconds by going into a full sprint, only to return back to rest mode and walk for a moment. Obviously, the goal is to work on the recovery time, and cut it down to the smallest time period possible.

Other ways to burn calories and use in a cardio workout include:

1. Rollerblading. A great way to stay fit and enjoy oneself, many people strap on the skates and glide away into the sunset or sunrise. I personally enjoy rollerblading and play roller hockey whenever possible.

2. Biking. Another leisure activity that can turn into a hard core workout, biking can be done at many depths and be as challenging as you make it out to be.

3. Skiing, skateboarding, and team sports. Of course, any time you are motoring around at any pace, you are burning calories and losing weight. These activities can all be of great pleasure and leisure while working on the end goal – to get fit by losing weight.

I hope those few exercises are a good path to start on. Cardio can be done pretty much anywhere and at any time, which makes it a great way to get fit. You can do it with friends or by yourself.

Remember to always use your head when starting any weight loss diet and workout plan. It's very important you seek medical attention prior to starting any plan that can be described as rigorous.