Before we delve in the core of the article I would like to inform the readers that neither Aerobics nor Strength training is harmful or hurtful to any individual. Both serve identical purposes as well as individual concerns. It is impertinent to match the exercises with your needs and you must always remember to listen to what your body is telling you.

Lets now discuss the benefits of Aerobics. If you have come this far I am confident you are aware of what Aerobics are. However, for the sake of the newbies and recently motivated health conscious fellow readers, I will in brief describe aerobics and its main functions. Aerobic exercise also known as cardio, is a low to moderate intensity physical exercise that involves stretching and cardio at its minimum. Its main function is to Improve overall health of the individual performing the exercises. The benefits of Aerobics are numerous from improved blood flow to reduced resting heart rate. The main aim of the individual performing these exercises is generally to improve overall health or facilitate weight loss. Either of which can be attained simultaneously with the employment of aerobics in the individuals lifestyle. However the lack of incorporation of Weight training in to an aerobics regimen can mean missing out and reducing the efficiency of your workouts considerably. Relying solely on Aerobics would result in a body that has an efficient cardiovascular system but lacks muscle mass to effectively live a healthy life. Performing Aerobics solely not only stagnates muscle growth but further reduces muscle mass, this can be a very important factor as one reaches old age since muscle mass becomes much more valuable than a healthy cardiovascular system.

To combat the aforementioned problems with Aerobics alone we introduce weight training. Weight training also known as Strength training, or working out – in its simplest form is exercising with resistance, the resistance can be in the form of weights or elastic bands etc. The benefits of Weight training are numerous, from increased strength to improved cardiovascular system, to increase in bone density and loss of fat. Weight training has an upper hand on Aerobics in several areas, for one it does not come with any negative side effects such as those of decrease in muscle mass with aerobics. It is also easy on the bones and joints as it does not have to be as high impact as Aerobics. As for the benefits it provides all of that of Aerobics plus some. With an ideal weight training regimen you can expect to improve your cardiovascular system, while gaining strength (muscle mass) that will come in handy as you get older. Weight training does not have to involve heavy weights and require you to have big muscles to start, on the contrary, as long as there is resistance and adequate regimen is followed you can be sure the reap the benefits of Weight training.

So from the above analysis we can conclude that weight training has the upper hand on Aerobics when it comes to improving your health and living a healthy lifestyle. However, it must be stated that an incorporation of both Aerobics and Weight training can be exponentially advantageous for the individual, since Aerobics compensation weight training and vise versa. I hope I have effectively addressed your concerns, I would recommend checking out the source for a true in depth analysis of this issue and much more on a breadth of topics from weight loss to healthy living. Good luck!

Note: The aforementioned substance incorporates research as well as personal experiences to arrive at the opinions contained in this article.