If your desire is to burn fat, cardio workout is a great way to start. Cardio training can also be called as aerobic training. Cardio exercise is one of the few ways to lose fat at the same time as you train. Another great thing about cardio is that it is good for both beginners and advanced people. If you do not know where to start, but you wish to lose fat, aerobic workout is something for you.

But what kind of training is aerobic? Here is a list of these different cardio types:

1. Outside running / jogging. This is the type of training I love. It lets you to take fresh oxygen, train stamina and burn fat. I like running because it gives me the possibility to relax. But some people do not like running because they say it can cause knee injury. Here is the solution to this: if you're young and if you are able to run on a soft surface like grass or bark, then run. If you do not have access to a soft surface, then you may choose to do cardio on an elliptical instead of jogging.

Walk. Walking is also an aerobic training. This is good for someone who is a beginner or an old person. Walking is natural and we do it every day. But it will not burn much fat. This is why you must upgrade your training when you feel you're ready.

3. Outside cycling. This is a way to burn fat as well. But remember to keep a steady tempo, to cycle all the time. If not, this training will become more like a recreation.

4. Elliptical / Crosstrainer. A good thing about this machine is that it helps you to avoid knee injury. Crosstraining became very popular last years. If you live in a town and can not run outside, then you can choose an elliptical.

5. Bicycle machine. They can be a little bit better than outside cycling because this type of training forces you to keep cycling. Many of them also have training programs so you can choose how hard you want to train.

6. Treadmill.

7. Stairclimber

8. Rowing machine. This machine involves your whole body and because of that, in the beginning they can make you tired quite quickly. But as you develop your stamina you're going to get used to this machine and you're going to love this exercise.

9. Cross country ski machine. It can be hard to use it in the beginning, because you must learn how to use it. But with time you're going to lose a lot of fat with help if this machine.

If you do not know how one of these machines look like, you can easily view them on Google images. I personally run and cycle outside. By doing that you can get fresh oxygen when you do your cardio. Fresh air is very important if you want to have sharp mind for the rest of the day. Choose that type of training that will suit you. If running sounds great to you, then run. If you prefer an elliptical, then use this one. Your type of training may also depend on environment around you. If you live in a big town and you do not have access to a forest or a place in nature to run, then you can choose a machine.

Your first action step: choose a cardio type that fits you and start training right now!