Do you need lose 20 pounds? Before studying up on these aerobic exercises that can help you lose 20 pounds, it is important to know that exercising can only help a little if your efforts are not backed by a change in your diet.

Here are a few aerobic exercises that will help you lose 20 pounds!

One of the most timeless forms of cardiovascular exercise is running. If you include even a 20 minute jog every day in your weight loss attempts, it will start you on a good path to help you lose 20 pounds. Not only will it help you burn calories, it also helps to tone virtually every muscle in your body!

Another great aerobic type cardiovascular exercise that will help you lose 20 pounds is the leg toss! The leg toss is another exercise that is great for burning calories as well as defining your abs and thighs. Start out lying on your back. Raise both of your legs simultaneously. Brace yourself with your forearms as you lock your hands together underneath your rising lower spine. Your legs should now be extending over you as balance balance primarily on your back and shoulder blades. As slowly and controllable as possible, lower your feet as close to the ground as you possibly can. For maximum to benefit to help you lose 20 pounds and tone your abs, hold at your lowest possible position for any where between 5 and 10 seconds. As you raise your legs back up, keep your steady controlled motion. Remember to breath during this exercise. Inhale as you lower your legs and exhale as you raise them back up and lower them into your starting position. Repeat this action at least 10 times.

Stay in a similar position for the next exercise that will help you lose 20 pounds, except unlock your fingers now and use your hands to brace your thighs. You will now do the unicycle! Bracing your thighs for balance, slowly start to motion your legs as if you are riding a bike. If you are performing this exercise to music try to continue as long as possible. Time your self in the beginning so that you can mark your progress as you successfully lose 20 pounds.

There is another excellent stretching exercise that burns calories and tones muscles at the same time to help you lose 20 pounds. The Downward Facing Dog to Cobra is actually a Yoga exercise, and it is highly effective in strengthening your entire body and burning calories. This move will definitely get you sweating and get you to lose 20 pounds or more! Start out standing tall with your arms reaching up toward the sky slowly bend forward and bend your knees just slightly enough to allow you to put your palms flat on the ground. You should be in an upside down V shape at this point. Try to have both your feet flat and your palms flat. As you plant your feet solidly on the ground crawl forward into a push up motion and draw your abdominal muscles in as if you are sucking in past your ribs. Hold for 10 seconds and lower your belly slowly to the ground. Push your palms down and arch your back stretching your head back. Now, using your abs again, push back into your push up position. Hold and get back to standing position. Repeat 4 times to lose 20 pounds.