1. You can greatly increase the quality of your fitness, improve your tone through the way you breath. Most people breath less than 30% of what they are capable of. Breathing is vital to heart health, metabolism, and many other functions. It would be wise to learn some optimal breathing methods to supercharge your health and everything in your life.

2. Lower (ideally eliminate) cholesterol, sodium, refined sugar, and refined carbohydrates. These things are responsible for inflammation, high insulin levels and high blood pressure. They are detrimental to cardiovascular health, and will produce startling improvements if avoided.

3. Timing of meals is important to ensure optimal functioning and processing of your body, including hormones and cells. To get the most from your body be sure to eat 3 meals per day, with 5-6 hours of rest in between each meal and never eat after 7pm. The body responds naturally to the sleep / wake cycle and planning your eating schedule in alignment with this cycle is the best way to enjoy peak fitness.

4. Avoid any stimulants, things that suppress the immune system. Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, any of these things wreak havoc on health, especially the heart, and lower the bodies natural energy production.

5. Weight training is fantastic to increase your cardiovascular fitness. It stimulates circulation, improves oxygenation of muscles and tissues and increases the metabolism. Great for burning fat and the heart. If you can train at least 3-4 times per week for 45-60 minutes each session you are sure to see great benefits.

These are just some simple easy-to-follow tips that will give you great results.

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