If you can learn how to do a combination of short intestine cardio with medium moderate-intensity cardio and long moderate cardio, you are activating 3 separate breathing mechanisms in the body and recruiting optimal glycolysis (sugar burning), fat burning, muscle building, anti-oxidation.

Basically you turn on the broad spectrum of high performance machinery in your body. Ideal to put your body in the highest state of health, fitness give you all the benefits of peak health and at the same time counteract the negative effects of unhealthy habits.

1. Interval training. This is moderate periods of 75% -80% intensity training, followed by brief periods of 100% intensity training.

2. Moderate-intestine state cardio. Do not go beyond 70-80% intensity but maintain the same intensity over a period of at least 30 minutes. This is a great way to gradually increase your fitness level. In the long run you will be increasing your fitness level and doing it this way, your old 75% intensity will be your new 70% intensity level.

3. Long-light-moderate intensity cardio. This would be like doing a marathon, or walking over a period of 2-3 hours. You are recruiting the most fat burning and stableness of your heart rate at this level. This is great for building long stamina and endurance.

4. Breathing / meditation: This is the most minority of ways to increase your cardiovascular breath. By slowing down enough to observe your breathing habits, and incorporating breathing habits that will improve your oxygen intake and body function you are doing yourself a great deal of good. Go here for more breathing tips: http://optimalbreathing.blogspot.com

All these methods practiced together provide the full rewards of cardiovascular fitness. Practice them all to see the full range of benefits.