In this article I want to present you with 3 of the best waist trimming aerobic workouts I know. I hope these will help you to trim and tone your waistline and look and feel better. Do these often to achieve the best results possible.

The purpose of each of these aerobic workouts is to burn off as much body fat as possible. This will also eliminate some of the fat around your waistline and give you that toned look you're seeking.

Here are the 3 workouts:

1. Swimming – I love swimming as it's an excellent aerobic workout that also has a lot of strength elements thrown into it. It works your entire body and helps to tone and build lean muscle tissue as well as burn lots of calories. Swimming is also a low impact sport so it's a great waist trimming workout for you to do.

2. Kickboxing – I happen to love kickboxing classes and other martial arts courses (at least those where I do not get beat up too much). What I love about kickboxing is that this is the type of aerobic workout that will challenge your body even if you're already fit. You may run 6 miles each day but this strains your body in a totally different way and helps to burn lots of fat and reduce inches off your waist.

Kickboxing is also a social activity so you're actually motivated to workout harder until you reach the kind of body that you want most of all.

3. The third aerobic waist trimming exercise that I want you to do is running . The reason why I recommend running is that it's a high intensity workout that really pushes your body into faster fat burning. Try to run at different speeds on each workout and include an up hill running segment during your workout. It will create a more intensive experience for you.

One workout which I do not highly recommend is the elliptical machine. For the most part, this is a low intensity workout and although it does have merit (as it's lower on impact than running), it will not burn nearly as much calories as other aerobic workouts, so you want to get as fast as results with it as you may achieve with other options.

Also, remember that without following a healthy diet, you will not be able to trim your waist regardless of how much you workout.