We all know that exercising is very important, especially when you want to lose weight or want to shed some excess fats. While there are a lot of workouts as well as cardio exercises that one may do, some are definitely much more effective than the others. Let us face the fact, most people would like to see results in the shortest time possible. To help you in that, keep reading for more information about 3 cardio workouts that are extremely effective.

One of the universal best cardio workouts is running. Although one might not be able to run that much in the beginning due to the lack of stamina, it is still an activity which has a high impact on burning calories as well as toning the muscles. Anyway, if you are overweight or if you are of a big size, you should consider slow jog for a start and slowly increase the intensity over time. It is not recommended to push yourself to the limit at first because your heart might not be able to support it.

Next, if for some reasons you dislike running, there is another cardio workout that is equally good and that brings us to swimming. As a matter of fact, it is very safe as the chance of you getting injured in swimming is absolutely minimal. It is also the reason why doctors typically advise those that are recovering from an old injury to swim instead of run. Anyways, it is not as convenient as running for the reason that you will need a pool and some other swimming equipments.

Last but not least, bicycling is another cardio workout that comes highly recommended. Depending on your likings, bicycling can be carried out in outdoors using a regular bicycle or even indoor with a stationary bike. Usually, people like joining classes in the gym which typically make use of bikes to help you to lose weight. Do keep in mind that classes like this are considered to be of high intensity, and then might not be suitable for everyone.