One of the best ways to burn belly fat fast is with intensive and challenging aerobic exercises. You can quickly burn off calories if you're ready to make a real effort with these workouts. However, you do need to make some decisions as to which workouts you're going to be spending your time on. Your choice of workout will greatly influence the number of calories and amount of fat you burn on each workout.

Here are 3 good aerobic exercises to lose belly fat with. Do these on a regular basis and you will see results:

1. Kickboxing – While you may not be familiar with this workout I urge you to kepp an open mind and try this workout a few times. Even if you're used to running or cycling or any other traditional cardio workout, you'll find that kickboxing challenges your body in a whole different way. The type of movements in kickboxing and the tempo of this kind of workout will help you achieve a whole new level of fitness and lose lots of belly fat in the process. In addition, many of the moves you do in a kickboxing class actually work the abs far better than do many other aerobic workouts, so you are getting an additional benefit out of this exercise.

2. Running – There's little surprise that running is an excellent aerobic workout to burn belly fat. Running brings into the motion practically every muscle group in your body and burns a lot of calories. In addition, running, especially at high speeds, also works the abdominal muscles. If you're looking for a way to get hard abs, try to do some sprinting. When you sprint, your abs are contracting like crazy, giving you a double benefit for your time and effort.

3. Aerobic step classes – I'm a big fat of aerobic classes and I wish more people (especially men) did them regularly. What I love about step classes is that they involve complex movements with some strength elements and I feel that they really push the body to a real effort. I never did an aerobic class in which I did not end up sweating profusely and trying to catch my breath.

All of these 3 aerobic workouts burn lots of belly fat in particular and body fat in general. None, however, will prove any useful unless you also maintain a healthy diet plan. Make sure to workout hard and to eat right for optimal results.