Your health is important, and so is your cardiovascular health. It can assure you a longer and a happier life and it can also strengthen your heart and lungs and decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease.

To help you improve your cardiovascular health, I will share with you 10 ways that you can do just that. Here they are:

  • Eliminate unhealthy fats – Unhealthy fats (saturated fats), like the ones found in red meat, sweets, pastries, cookies and red meat only clogs up your arms. Its best to stick to the healthier fats (unsaturated) that will protect your heart and head.
  • Do regular cardio exercise – Cardio exercise is one of the best ways of improving your cardiovascular health. The cardio type that is the most effective for improving it is cardio interval training.
  • Stress less – Stress is bad for your cardiovascular health. Good ways of managing your stress are exercise in general, yoga, meditation and Pilates.
  • Avoid refined sugar – Refined sugar are not only bad for your cardiovascular health, but it can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Focus on low GI carbs – You should try to make low GI carbs your main carb choice, it normalizes blood glucose levels and pregnancies cardiovascular disease.
  • Stop smoking – Smoking is bad news for your health, it increases your risk of heart-disease and also lung cancer.
  • Control your drinking – Alcohol also has a bad effect on your cardiovascular system. It's best that you limit your intake to no more than 4 units a week.
  • Cook with healthy fats – Healthy fats (the unsaturated ones) strengthens your heart and keeps your brain healthy. Make sure that you only cook with those.
  • Prepare your food the healthy way – Healthy preparation methods will also keep your cardiovascular system functioning well. These preparation methods includes baking, grilling, steaming, stir-frying and poaching.
  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables – Fruit and veggies are high in vitamins that the body needs to function effectively.
  • Maintain an active life-style – An active lifestyle decrees your risk of cardiovascular disease. So make sure to get plenty of exercise in and to be active in all other areas as well.